Alarm Servicing  •  Prewiring  •  Fitting Off  •  Monitoring

Electrical Work


Having issues with your alarm system?
If yes - your battery may need replacing.
If you have an existing security system that requires maintenance give us a call. The main cause of faults is failure of the backup battery. These batteries need to be replaced every 3-5 years. If left connected once they have expired they can overload the charging circuitry in the alarm causing further damage. We specialise in servicing Arrowhead and Micron security systems. 


The best time to run wiring for a security system is during the building process. Most homes can be wired for under $400. A prewire should be considered even if the alarm is not to be fitted immediately once the building is complete. Existing buildings can be wired through ceiling space cavities. This method can be difficult and will require more time.



A fit off can be carried out once a building is painted and has power. For existing buildings an alarm can be wired and fitted within a day.


Monitored alarms will immediately notify a monitoring company, notify your alarm APP, or send a text message to your phone and call you once an activation occurs. Monitoring your system with companies such as NUTECH  is a worthwhile, low-cost investment. Your monitoring company will dispatch a patrol officer immediately to your home during an activation.