Our Security Alarm System is designed to detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into a home, building, or premises, to keep your family, possessions, and assets safe.

We can install this system in a residential or small commercial property.

System Includes:

Alarm Security System


Sensors can be installed throughout the premises to detect heat and movement. They can be adjusted to Pet Friendly Mode to reduce the likelihood of an activation from pets and small animals.


The keypad comes standard as an LCD model. The keypad has built in panic buttons and can take multiple PIN numbers.
Multiple keypads can be installed to allow arming from other entry points or the master bedroom.
Touch screen models are now available.

outdoor indoor siren Alarm Security System


Sirens are installed internally and externally to deter and flush out intruders with their unbearable, piercing sound. External sirens are mounted in sight and act as a visible deterrent. They flash and scream during an activation, warning neighbours of the intrusion. Internal sirens are fitted in a discreet, central location.

control panel battery gsm security alarm system


The control panel is the brains of your alarm system. It contains the electronics and power supply for the system. It also houses the backup battery to run the system during a power cut. The control panel is mounted in an isolated location.

remote phone app Alarm Security System



A remote control may be added, allowing you to arm/disarm your security system from inside your car, or outside your home. The remote control may also be configured to open/close your garage door. A smartphone app is available allowing you to arm/disarm your security system from anywhere in the world.


By monitoring your security system you will receive a text during an activation via the GSM unit. For extra security you can monitor your system through a monitoring station such as NUTECH who will immediately dispatch a patrol officer to the premises during an activation.

smoke detector Alarm Security System


Integrating optional smoke detectors into your security system is a great addition. The smoke detectors are powered by the security system and do not require batteries. Your smoke detector can activate the alarm sirens and send a text directly to your phone or immediately alert a monitoring company in the instance of a fire.

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